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Thrift Town Rocks!

I love thrift store shopping and my favorite store is Thrift Town. Last May, while shopping at one of the three Sacramento area stores, I found a cool tee shirt. It was a black shirt with half of a guitar on the front below the name “Meniketti.” I knew that Dave Meniketti was the lead guitarist/vocalist of the rock band Y&T. I was planning to see the band at Ace of Spades in August, so I bought the shirt for ninety-nine cents. I refrained from wearing the shirt all summer, saving it for the concert. When I walked into the club on August 26, my friend introduced me to Dave’s wife Jill, who was handling the band’s tee shirt and CD sales. “Nice shirt,” she said. When I checked out the merchandise on the table, I discovered that the graphic on my tee shirt was the cover of Dave’s solo album. The show was fantastic and afterwards, I got to meet the man himself. His eyes lit up when he saw my shirt. Of course, I didn’t tell Jill or Dave where I got the shirt. (I guess they know now.) But in all of my years as a thrift/resale shopper, this is the best and coolest response I have ever gotten to a purchase. The tee may have only cost ninety-nine cents, but the experience was priceless. Y&T rocks and so does Thrift Town!


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