Essays on memoir, music, and more from Beatrice M. Hogg


Essays and musings from Beatrice Marvella Hogg. I’m a freelance writer and social services worker living in Sacramento, CA, available for editorial and creative writing work and consultations. I have been a published freelance writer for over 20 years, writing mostly about rock music, books, fashion, cultural issues, and my life. Life as an African American middle aged female rocker/social worker creates its own stories! I grew up in a coal mining town in western Pennsylvania, the adopted daughter of an illiterate coal miner. I have lived in northern California for over twenty years, working for the government, at a homeless shelter, and for an association, among other adventures. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite short essays and stories, some of which are adapted from my (as-yet) unpublished memoir essay collections, The Colordeaf Chronicles and Montour Four.

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  1. beatrice, in your wordpress dashboard see if there’s a widget called Follow, and drag it to your sidebar. that way, people can put in their email address and follow your posts. they’ll get an email of each post when you write something new. i’ll definitely follow you!

  2. miracles on said:

    thanks, i’m following you now!

  3. Marvin Wilson on said:

    All I can say is wow and Amen!!!

  4. I enjoy reading everything you write and I don’t have to get up and get dressed to do it either.

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